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Ganbatte Natto Forgotten, also known as Mitsuki Goanimate Channel, was a former GoAnimate user. She discovered Goanimate through Tumblr and found they were funny for all the wrong reasons. Her videos were known to include dark themes or clever twists. Almost all of her videos were grounded videos out of her favorite characters, which she says was all in good fun. She never made videos out of other users and was a staunch pacifist.

In Spring of 2015 she quit Goanimate and deleted her channel because Goanimate caused her to procrastinate on singing, voice acting, finishing her gaming backlog, and Vocaloid covers.

In Autumn of 2015 she announced that she will reupload some of her old videos as a compilation on her main YouTube channel, and will attempt to finish Wolfwood Gets Grounded, even if it means using the Business Friendly theme. After that she will probably retire for good.

Episodes planned:

  • Wolfwood yells out the word "bara tiddy" and gets kicked out of the house
  • Wolfwood's PUNishment day
  • Wolfwood sells Nick Tracts and gets grounded
  • Wolfwood kinkshames Legato on national television
  • Wolfwood defeats Omega Caillou and gets ungrounded
  • Wolfwood Gets Grounded: The Epilogue (will have "where are they now"s for every character that ever appeared in her videos)

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