A Fix-fic Series by Igor.

Plot of the Series

The GoGang looks for stupid/dumb/baka characters and sends them to school in hope of getting them Smarter.

Main Characters

Igor, the Leader of the GoGang and Cirno's Tutor.

Dreamworks1997, One of Igor's Friends and Lumpy's Tutor.

Pingy Animatronic, One of Igor's Best Friends and Patrick Star's Tutor.

Tails, from the Sonic Series.

Sniffles of the Happy Tree Friends Series.


Season 1 (30 Episodes)

Episode Name Character Air Date Director Status
GoGang: Getting Cirno Smarter Cirno of the Touhou Project Series June 15, 2015 Igor the Mii W.I.P
GoGang: Getting Lumpy Smarter Lumpy of the Happy Tree Friends Series TBA DreamworksFan1997 TBA
GoGang: Getting Patrick Smarter Patrick Star of the SpongeBob Squarepants Series TBA Pingy Animatronic TBA