ep sode


(the cool kids are walkin, pinky on the computer)
pinky: people are making the fun of me (links 7,000 mario kart playthroughs)
iogr: i'd say he's right on our tail
kewlgamur: k we help
chrome: god help GOD PLEASE HELP (passes out in coal mine)
iogr: scrub (kicks him)
pinky: guys but the mean comments
thestoryofKLMylife: sup guys i just added another head to my collection in the basement
soapy: why klm why
iogr: lets iogrbomb em pinky
pinky: okay
(iogrbombs dropped on actual vulture and rainbow sparkle times)
actual vulture: you'll pay for this
actual vulture: gwak
rainbow sparkle times: lolk (tumblrs)
iogr: lol
(everyone laughs as the camera pans to the sky)
(meanwhile chrome is crying)
chrome: i have lost all control of klmy life

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