GoAnimate-Danmaku: Embodiment of Animatronic Penguin is an GoAnimate Game based on Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

NOTE: I'm using characters/users  that suit the Touhou characters.


Stage 1: Way to the Lake

  • Boss: TBA 

Stage 2: Animatronic Lake

Stage 3: Way to the Gate of Animatronic Mansion

  • Boss: Sophie

Stage 4: The Libary

  • Midboss: TBA
  • Boss: Type B-Igor the Mii

Stage 5: The Hallway to Igor's Room

  • Boss: Sliver the Hedgehog (Sonic Series)

Stage 6: Lunatic Danmaku-Battle

  • Boss: Igor the Mii

Extra Stage Boss: Animatronic Mansion Basement

  • Midboss: Type-B Igor the Mii
  • Boss: Pingy Animatronic

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