GoAnimate: Adventures of Unova is a movie being made by James the Animator, Sophie the Otter,and Igor the Mii. It is based on the Pokémon region Unova. It will be produced by Legend Killer Productions.


James, Igor, Sophie, Peanut, Jelly, Butter, Preston, and Rin Kagamine are walking down the street one day when they find a box on the side of the road containing a mirror. Suddenly, Shrek appears and kicks the gang so hard they fly all the way back to their HQ. James tests out the mirror, but the mirror goes crazy and teleports the crew. Only Igor, Sophie, and James awaken in Unova, where they will start their adventure...

Black & White

There will be two versions of the movie based on Pokémon: Black and White. They are based on the Generation 5 Pokemon games. They have Pokemon exclusive to each movie.

Version-exclusives: Here



GoAnimate: Adventures of Unova/Black Transcript


GoAnimate: Adventures of Unova/White Transcript