GoAnimate: Attack Of The Toybots is a GoAnimate game inspired by the 2007 game Nicktoons: Attack of The Toybots.


The evil IA has created an army of Toybots to destroy GoCity in his factory IAToyCo. It's up to the GoGang to stop him. IA uses Babbleberries, citizens of Lake Hoohaw, and Go!Energy to create his evil army of Toybots.

Playable Characters


  • Dora Dolls
  • Toybots
  • Caillou Action Figures
  • Noddy Bots
  • IABot (Mini Boss)
  • Lil' Peepz Teddy Bears
  • Barney Dolls
  • Daleks
  • Novabots
  • Intellegent-ATHIEST (Boss)

List of Toybots

  • PingyBot
  • IgorBot
  • SophieBot
  • OliverBot
  • CarkleBot
  • SanaeBot
  • NaomiBot
  • CherryBot
  • SenpaiBot


  • Dracula Senpai
  • Strawberry Suit Info-Chan
  • Sackboy Cherry
  • Professor Slippy V
  • Red Alex Kimble
  • Red Shirt OliverWestern
  • Herobrine Steve
  • Freddy Suit David
  • Winter Clothes Aaron
  • Kangaroo Sophie
  • Frying Pan Boy Pingy
  • Super Suit Igor
  • Robot Thegoldenbrick1
  • Withered Carkle
  • Angel Sanae
  • Monster Naomi
  • Vampire Mametchi


  • GoCity
  • GoTownia
  • Lake Hoohaw
  • Tall Mountain
  • Factory Zone 1
  • Factory Zone 2
  • Factory Zone 3
  • IA's Lair

Unused Content (Beta)

  • There is an unused TGB1 Toybot found in the game's coding. Its model appears in the files for GoTownia, Lake Hoohaw and IA's Lair.
  • An unused Game Over screen showed IA and a group of Toybots mocking the player.

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