GoAnimate Coin

A GoAnimate Coin

GoAnimate Coins, also known as GoBucks, are coins used in GoCity. They can be used for purchasing items and can be found in grounds of GoCity.

In GoQuest Online

They are the main currency in the game. Players start off with 1000 of them. In order to earn more, the player must succeed in missions, receive them as rewards in contests, or win them in mini-games and the GoLottery (if (s)he's lucky enough in the latter).

In GoAnimate Kart Arcade GP, GoAnimate Kart Arcade GP 2, and GoAnimate Kart Arcade GP DX

In the GoAnimate Kart Arcade GP series of racing games, GoAnimate Coins work as currency. They can be used to download DLC and purchase new items.

In Comedy World

The GoAnimate Coin made a short appearance in the episode, The Grass is Always Eric-er when PC Guy tried to pay for a snack at a vending machine.