A Timeline created by Igor



  1. This wiki was founded by Igor the Mii after KingKool720 AKA Novazoid had Hacked the GoAnimate Extended Wiki Beyond Repair.
  2. Serveral of Igor's Friends, Such as Sophie, Pingy, Oliverwestern and James obtain Admin.
  3. Igor has a new Waifu: Sanae Kochiya from Touhou.
  4. The Waifu Opinons War is caused by IA.
  5. IA gets stabbed in the back by Igor (IA's Account was globalled due to Igor reporting him for global ban evasion
  6. This Wiki gets a major overhaul, it's Main Color went from Orange to Blue, due to Igor changing the color of Hyperlink (to fix a template) and Guy blued up this Wiki.


  1. A Few Fights Between Pingy and IA occur.


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