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Created by Igor the Mii



  1. This wiki is established by users such as Jamiem2001, RobbiePwns135, and James The Animator
  2. Sophie the Otter moves here, and Igor the Mii (Known as Igor0the0Mii2 at Time) makes his GoAnimate Wiki debut. His First Video is Gligar13Vids Reviews Mario Kart 8 and gets Grounded.


  1. INTELLEGENTATHEIST joins the wiki.


  1. KingKool720 joins the wiki.
  2. PaperPizza joins the wiki.
  3. OliverWestern joins the wiki 10 days after his 28th Birthday.


  1. Carkle The Animatronic joins the wiki.
  2. Jamiem2001 Quits the Wiki.
  3. HomerTheGuyProHD gets expelled from this wiki.
  4. Zombie407 joins the wiki.


  1. Curiousgorge66 joins the wiki.
  2. Curiousgorge66 makes the first grounded videos featuring characters from Nick Fanon. The videos were Pedro and Edro hit on Maka Albarn/Grounded & Macusoper turns Hope into an otter/Grounded.
  3. Bubsy Bobcat joins GoAnimate and the Wiki.



  1. The wiki gets a warning due to Sophie making inappropriate pages, though Sophie didn't do most of these pages.
  2. Jamiem2001 returns to the wiki.
  3. TheChromePerson joins the wiki.
  4. James The Animator gets banned by INTELLIGENTATHIEST. The former is also expelled from the wiki.


  1. Carkle is promoted to Admin, and receives admin privileges by TheChromePerson.
  2. OliverWestern and Curiousgorge66 are promoted to Admin by Intellegent-ATHIEST.
  3. Carkle changes the wordmark/logo for the GoAnimate Extended Wiki.
  4. CoolGamer23, better known as Drillimation, joins the wiki.


  1. IA tries to see if the admins respect opinions by making a grounded transcript out of the recess gang and an ungrounded transcript out of caillou, sophie was furious, and called IA a traitor, this probably lend to the admin abuse scandal
  2. OliverWestern is forced to enforce new rules, after the Admin Abuse scandal took place earlier in the month.
  3. Pingy Animatronic joins the wiki.


  1. Theiki becomes Sophie Wiki (albeit for April Fool's Day only).
  2. James the Animator returns to the wiki as LegendKillerProductions, after he turned 13, meaning he was finally old enough to use the wiki.
  3. Novazoid Attacks the Wiki.
  4. CoolGamer23 gets banned from GoAnimate Extended Wiki for receiving a DMCA complaint from user Kingmtj.


  1. The wiki is hacked beyond repair by Novazoid.
  1. It was revealed KingKool720 (The Master behind the plan) and Chrome (who was forced to hack accounts) were the culprits of the hacking Idicient.
  1. Everyone Moves to GoAnimate V3 Wiki by Igor the Mii.


  1. CoolGamer23 gets promoted to admin on GoAnimate V3 Wiki.
  2. CoolGamer23's V2 wiki ban gets lifted after SimpleGuy1401 wins the court case from Kingmtj.


  1. CoolGamer23 gets slapped with a global ban after making a joke about hacking.
  2. Chrome and KK are unblocked.

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