GoAnimate Kart: Double Dash!!! Is a Video Game Developed By Pingy Game Productions, It is Inspired By The 2003 Game Mario Kart: Double Dash!!!


You Are Invited To Race With Us! And We Are Glad that You Would Like To Race! Grab Your Racing Buddy and Roll Out!


  • Pingy & Igor
  • Sophie & Preston
  • Flandre & Clownpiece
  • IA & Zack
  • KK & Chrome
  • Mordecai & SimpleGuy1401
  • John & Marisa
  • Cirno & Nitori
  • Lord Helix (Omastar from Twitch Plays Pokémon Red) & Lord Dome (Kabutops from Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Aniversary)
  • Peanut Otter & Butter Otter
  • Pingdre Scarlet & Agni
  • Cuddles & Giggles
  • Shrek & Donkey


Character's Personal Karts

  • The Shopping Cart (Pingy's Personal Kart)
  • Orange Fire (Igor's Personal Kart)
  • Alien Booster (IA's Personal Kart)
  • Missile Blaster (Zack's Personal Kart)
  • Ice Speeder (Cirno's Personal Kart)
  • Road-Log (Sophie's Personal Kart)
  • Bear Runner (Preston's Personal Kart)



Starting Cup

  • Igor Circuit 
  • Flandre Beach
  • Young Park
  • Thrist Thrist Desert

Firest Cup

  • Boost Bridge
  • Pingy Circuit
  • Clownpiece Cruiser
  • KK Stadium

Constellation Cup

  • Arctic Antics
  • GoCity
  • Cuddles Circuit
  • Peanut Otter Mountain

Final Cup

  • Chrome Colosseum
  • Prehistoric Jungle
  • IA's Castle
  • Rainbow Track



DLC Characters

Yandere-Chan & Senpai

DLC Cups

Yandere Cup

  • Yandere-Chan's School

Critter Cup

  • The Sylvanian Forest
  • Lake Hoohaw
  • Sophie Beach
  • Zoo Zone

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