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GoAnimate Party 10 is a Video Game Inspired by The 2015 Game Mario Party 10, It is Developed By Pingy Game Productions in May 29.


Welcome To The GoCity Party Games! We Hope You Have a Fun Time and Look Out for IA!

Team Pingy

Team IA

Board Games

  • Lake Hoohaw
  • Fazbear's Fright
  • Wonderful Waters
  • Cloudsdale Airships
  • IA's Fortress
  • Yandere-Chan's School (DLC 1)
  • Mima's Castle (DLC 2)
  • The Pingy Manor (DLC 2)

Mid-Boss Battles

  • Ootsie Snootie and Bootsie Snootie (Lake Hoohaw)
  • Golden Freddy (Fazbear's Fright)
  • Flotsam and Jetsam (Wonderful Waters)
  • Gilda (Cloudsdale Airships)
  • Mecha IA (IA's Fortress)

Stage Boss Battles

  • Eihpos The Demon Otter (Lake Hoohaw)
  • Springtrap (Fazbear's Fright)
  • Ursula (Wonderful Waters)
  • Nightmare Moon (Cloudsdale Airships)
  • IA (IA's Fortress)

Pingy Party

The Players Has to Collect GoAnimate Coins to Win The Biggest GoAnimate Coin If The Player Has The Most But Be Careful! There are Purple GoAnimate Coins That Makes You Lose a Total of GoAnimate Coins! and Do Not Free IA from his Prison!

IA Party

Uh Oh! The 5th Player (the one with the GamePad) Has Ability to Control IA on The Gamepad! But Be Careful! IA's Goal is to Deplete All The Players Hearts and IA Wins! and if Team Pingy Gets The Star, They Win!

List of IA Minigames in IA Party

  • IA's Fire Breath
  • IA's Banhammer Slammer
  • IA's Fire Bar Calamity
  • IA's Evil Wheel
  • IA's Bogus Bingo
  • IA's Painball
  • IA's Cannon Dive
  • IA's Impossible Climb
  • IA's Sinister Slots
  • IA's Roulette Rage

GoMiibo Party

GoMiibo Party is a Mode That Players Play with GoMiibos, But to Activate This Mode The Player Needs The GoMiibo.

NOTE: Use of The IA GoMiibo Will Cause His Minigames To Be Played Rather Than Normal Minigames.

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