GoAnimate Rip-offs is a type of rip-off products that many members of GoClubs(which is often immature) make in attempt to bring back comedy world(Often to make more grounded videos), unlike most chinese rip-off's, these products are mostly made in america.

The Most recent Rip-off was AlexAnimate

Notable GoAnimate Rip-Offs

  • AlexAnimate
  • Hoveranimation
  • FutureAnimate
  • RevisedAnimate (GensokyoAngel tried to use it as an attempt to promote wikis)
history in janurary tanner the sw guy made a rip off called hover animation also known as the first go rip off after this boyned fags told goanimate which claim to lawsuit the site if ever been released after that the progress stop working for hover animation but until later in late june of 2016 since the old themes on the 4 schools site getting themes removed someone created future animate which had many people believing in the release of the site then boyned tanner hacked its community leading that being canceled for goanimate disliking to not help or support the project later during more in the summer go rip offs has been going all day all day all day but now there has been not many more of these rip offs

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