GoBoxing is one of two boxing rings in GoAnimateLand, which opened on May 8, 2014 along Mametchi's Fight-A-Bunga. The boxing ring is located in Guyish Central, somewhere near the southwest of the themed area.

In the area the players receive boxing gloves and fight against Blue Mario, Harold Slikk and/or Mary Slikk. If the guest knocks out the opponent, the opponent will receive first aid kit. The referee for the match rotates every month. Referees are Mitch Pokerson and Robert Trebor.

The ride has the QuickEntry card service, which last during one match.


  • When for example Mitch Pokerson is a referee, Robert Trebor would act as a ring girl despite him being male and vice versa. It is then so-called "ring boy".
  • Round 13 on a GoBoxing match is a challenge which would determine the real winner of the match. It consists of several gymnastical skills.

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