GoGang: 8-Bits n' Pieces (video game) is an arcade game based on the GoGang episode of the same name. It will release on the same day as the episode premieres.


The GoGang has been sucked into the realm of retro gaming by Cockroach-like sprites called "Bug-Bytes". Their favorite 8-bit video game characters are in trouble by various dangers such as power-hungry villains, falling Tetris blocks, and even being bounced up and down between some bricks and a paddle. Not to mention that they're in the wrong games. It's up to the GoGang to sort the 8-bit protagonists to their correct games and save the retro gaming world!

Playable Characters

Bonus Mode

The player must complete the game 100% to unlock this mode. In it, the player moves thegoldenbrick1 through the pizza parlor next to the arcade, you have to eat as much pizza as you can before you vomit, if you don't reach the goal or higher, you will have to try again. If a ticket vendor is connected, completing will earn tickets based on the goal amount, but if you fail twice, the game usually ends to go back to the attract mode, as stated on the game's monitor. With a ticket vendor attached, said failure will earn you one ticket.


Beta Content

  • Oggy was meant to be a playable character, but due to time constraints, he was enabled by an adjustment under "Feature Adjustments" as "ENABLE OGGY".
  • King Kool was originally going to be playable, but was removed.
  • TGB1 was originally going to be playable, but due to the fact that he only had four lines and no real effect on the story, he was removed. He is playable in Bonus Mode, though.
  • There is an unused song in the sound/music test, called "WEEN", which is the Halloween version of the Noodle Dance song. It can be enabled by a feature adjustment of the same name.

Arcade Easter Eggs

  • By holding down the Start button while selecting Sophie, the "Buy Extra Life" button will flash. Press it and the dot-matrix display will show credits for the game. Doing this with Mametchi will cause the monitor to fade out and fade into an interview with a Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Mametchi.
  • If you enter the initials "SMB", Peanut will say "All from Super Mario Bros.". Sometimes, he will say "Just gettin' Super Meat Boy." instead.
  • Sometimes, Pingy would say "I played Pac-Man and Galaga one time".
  • Pingy would always say "Uh...a bear with a backpack and a red bird who always brags?" The "bear with a backpack" is a reference to Banjo, while the "red bird who always brags" is a reference to Kazooie.

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