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GoGang: A Christmas Costume Party, also known as GoGang: A Christmas Cosplay Party, is a GoGang episode.


Our gang dresses up in costumes and have a Christmas party until Dreck, the NoGang and Oyajitchi crash it! Who will win? The gang even invites some Drillimation heroes to celebrate.


  • Igor (Dressed as Sans from Undertale)
  • TGB1 (Dressed as Santa Claus)
  • Kokona Haruka (Dressed as Kasane Teto from UTAULoid)
  • Mametchi (Dressed as Evel Knievel)
  • Sophie (Dressed as a penguin)
  • IA (Dressed as Edward Elric)
  • Preston (Dressed as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)
  • Leopold Slikk (Dressed as Liu Kang)
  • Susumu Hori (Dressed as Kung Lao)
  • Anna Hottenmeyer (Dressed as Jax)
  • Wataru Hoshi (Dressed as Scorpion)
  • Konata Izumi (Dressed as Raiden)
  • Kagami Hiiragi (Dressed as Kitana)
  • James Rolfe (Dressed as Smoke)
  • Pingy (Dressed as Rosalina)
  • King Kool (Dressed as himself)
  • Chrome (Dressed as a trash can)
  • Mordecai (Dressed as Mogeko (Original))


  • [Opening credits]
  • [We fade to the GoGang headquarters with Christmas decorations]
  • [We zoom into the HQ and fade to Mametchi's Evel Knievel jumpsuit. We zoom out to reveal Mametchi]
  • Mametchi: "I am NOT giving myself a LOT of focus here, 'kay? I am going to be Evel Knievel."
  • [Soon, the scene zips towards 2 figures dressed like Sans from Undertale and Kasane Teto from UTAUloid]
  • Kokona: "I like your costume!"
  • Igor: "Thanks!"
  • Kokona: "I see a trash can."
  • Igor: "That's Chrome."
  • Sophie: (she and Preston approach Kokona and Igor) "Well, it doesn't take yourself to guess who's here."
  • Igor: "We know, Sophie and Preston."
  • Preston: "I'm Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with a bright red shiny nose. Plus, my grandfather gave it glow-in-the-dark effects!"
  • Sophie: "And I'm a penguin! I guess Baby Butter wasn't the only one dressed as a penguin for at least one costume party this year."
  • [They hear banging on the roof]
  • Mametchi: "What's that?"
  • Igor: "It's probably just TGB1."
  • [TGB1 slides down the chimney headfirst to act like Santa Claus]
  • TGB1: "Ho-ho- (He hits his head on the bottom of the fireplace) D'OH!"
  • [The others try not to laugh]
  • Sophie: "Hey! I get the reference!"
  • [Preston and Sophie fall on the floor laughing]
  • TGB1: "Yeah, laugh all you want! Just be glad you don't have to gain 400 pounds before the party! (Begins eating from a box that says: "Fattening O's")
  • Mordecai: "Who wants some milk and cookies?"
  • Sophie: "Me!"
  • Mametchi: "I'll join, too, dressed as Evel Knievel, world's greatest daredevil!"
  • King Kool: "Don't forget me!"
  • [Pingy arrives dressed up as Rosalina]
  • Mordecai: "What the... Are you wearing some kind of girly girl dress?"

Artwork (from Sophie the Otter)

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  • A part of the title was directly taken from a Tamagotchi! episode.
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