Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Oh No! Pingy Accidentally Made Yandere-Chan Drink Love Potion! And Yandere-Chan is Falling In Love With Him!


Julie as Yandere-Chan, Pippi Osu and Marisa Kirisame

Young Guy as Pingy

Paul as Igor

Eric as John and Carkle

Princess as Reimu Hakurei, Kokona Haruka, Nitori and Chica

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya and Saki Miyu

Salli as Info-Chan


Pingy: "Hey Guys!"

Igor: "What?"

Pingy: "I made a love Potion!"

Igor: "Okay! But don't give it to anyone you hate, or problems will happen."

Pingy: "Ok!"

[Pingy walks from the Pingy Manor with the Love Potion.]

Pingy: "I guess i should give it-"

[Pingy drops the potion and it lands on Yandere-Chan's Hand]

Pingy: "Oh uh!"

Yandere-Chan: "No Way! It's Mine!"


[Yandere-Chan drinks the potion]

Pingy: "Oh uh!"

Yandere-Chan: "I Love You Sweetie!"

Pingy: "Oh fish!"

[Pingy runs into the manor.]

Igor: "Let me guess, you dropped the potion then Yandere-Chan drinked the potion and now he is on love with you, and we have to stop it, right?"

Pingy: "Yeah!"

Yandere-Chan: "Come Here Pumpkin Pie!"


[Igor locks the doors]

Igor: "Considering Yandere-Chan is a yandere, I guess..."

Pingy: "Guess what?"

Igor: "I guess she will kill MC Adore, Chica, Peach, Rosalina and pretty much everyone you have a crush on."

Pingy: "Maybe, I'm Gonna make another Love Potion and not Give it To Yandere-Chan!"

[Pingy Makes Another Love Potion]

Igor: "Be Smart, Pingy, Don't let anyone pick your potion, not even myself!"

Pingy: "Got it!"

Igor: "Excuse me, i'll take some of my time with Sanae Kochiya and Info-Chan, my two crushes."

[Igor goes Upstairs]

John: "What's the problem, Pingy?"

Pingy: "Yandere-Chan is on love with me!"

Yandere-Chan: "Come with Me, Pumpkin!"

John: "Is that really bad?"


John: "Ok?"

Carkle: "Excuse me John, that's my Catchphrase."

John: "Sorry!"

Carkle: "Ok?"

[Yandere-Chan Passes trough the doors]

Pingy: "HELP ME GUYS!"

[Yandere-Chan is Chasing Pingy]

John: [Sigh] "This is not good."

Carkle: "Yeah, It Isn't."

[Meanwhile, at Igor's Room...]

Igor: "Oh, Info-Chan!" [kissing Info-chan]

[Sophie walks to Igor's Room]

Sophie: "We have a problem!"

Igor: "What?"

Sophie: "Yandere-Chan is on love with Pingy!"

Igor: "I know!"

Sophie: "Can't we find a way to solve it?"

Igor: "Well, I know how to revert the effects. You gotta whack Yandere-Chan really hard on the head."

Sophie: "Okay!"

Igor: "Or..."

[Igor Makes a Hate Potion to Make Yandere-Chan Back to Normal]

Igor: "Make Yandere-Chan drink this hate Potion, okay?"

Sophie: "Okay!"

[Sophie takes the hate potion and walks downstairs, She gives the potion to Pingy.]

Pingy: "Thanks!"

[Pingy gives the potion to yandere-chan]

Pingy: "Yandere-Chan, Drink this!"

[Yandere-Chan drinks the potion]

[Igor walks downstairs]

Igor: "WE DID REDDI- Wait, wrong line. WE DID IT, PINGY!"


Igor: "IT WORKS!"

Sanae Kochiya: "Man I'm Thirsty!"

[Pingy Accidentally Throws The Love Potion into Sanae Kochiya's Mouth]

[Sanae Kochiya is in Love with Pingy]

Igor: "Did you just..."

Sanae Kochiya: "I love you, Pingy!"

Igor: "Oh God, F*ck me."

Sophie: "What's the problem now?"

Igor: "Sanae Kochiya Fell on love with Pingy."

[Pingy is Running from Sanae Kochiya]

[The End]


This is the first time Pippi Osu appeared.

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