GoGang: Builders League United vs Reliable Excavation Demolition (BLU vs RED) is an sequel to GoFortress.


Paul/Felipe as Igor the Mii (Soldier/Medic/Enigneer) and KingKool720 (Heavy)

Kayla as Sophie (FemEngineer)

Belle as Rosalina (FemSoldier)

Eric as John (Enigneer) and Carkle (Scout/Pyro/Demoman)

Julie as MC Adore (FemScout)

Kayla as Shauna (FemSniper)

Young Guy as IA (Spy)

Wise Guy as Garfield (Heavy)

Kimberly as Peanut (Medic) and Princess Zelda (FemSpy)


The RED Team is trying to destory GoCity! So The Heroes team up with BLU Team to defeat them.


Igor: "..."

Carkle: "What's wrong?"

Igor: "I'm just bored... doing nothing."

Carkle: "Should TF2 be the key to Happy Land?"

Igor: "What?"

Carkle: "I meant like, should we play TF2?"

Igor: "Good idea!"

[The Two Start playing TF2]

Igor: "What class should I be?"

Carkle: "Soldier, like before."

Igor: "Okay..."

Carkle: "SEE!"

Igor: "What?"

Carkle: "Nothing...?"

Igor: "Whatever. Lets just go play."

Carkle: "Ok?"

[10 Minutes Later]

[Sophie Runs to the room, shocked.]