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This is based on Team Fortress 2.


  • Paul as Igor the Mii (Soldier) and KingKool720 (Heavy)
  • Kayla as Sophie (Engineer)
  • Julie as MC Adore (Female Scout)
  • Eric (Scout) / Scary Voice (Pyro) as Carkle (Scout or Pyro)
  • Young Guy as IA (Spy), Pingy (Sniper) and Mametchi (Scout)
  • Jack DeSena as Chrome (Medic)


A robot army of the 9 classes of TF2 is going to raid GoCity. It is up to Igor, KingKool, Sophie, Carkle, and IA.


[We See Igor and Carkle Playing TF2 with each other.]

Igor: How Come your Scout is better with my Soldier!?

Carkle: Probably because you're new at this.

Igor: Oh yeah, I just downloaded TF2 today...

Carkle: What map should we go to, next?

Igor: 2Fort? Dustbowl? Badwater Basin?

Carkle: 2Fort?

Igor: Okay-

[Sophie Opens the Door, Shocked.]


Igor: What is it?!

Carkle: Indeed.

Sophie: I don't know what these kind of things look like, but I took a picture of them coming from a colossal tank.

[Sophie gives a picture of clones of the 9 classes of TF2]

Carkle: What are those things?

Igor: Clones of the nine classes of TF2!

Sophie: How you do you know?

Igor: I may be new to TF2, but I know some info about it.

[King Kool Appears from the roof]

King Kool: What the?

Igor: Clones of the 9 TF2 classes are raiding GoCity!

Carkle: We need to stop them!

Sophie: There is a way: be the classes to stop them. I can be the Engineer.

Carkle: How do we turn into the classes in real life? Oh, and also, I will be an scout or a pyro.

Sophie: I don't know... Oh wait! I have an idea!

Igor: What's the idea?

Igor: What is it? Also, this is GoAnimate life, so we can easily become the classes of TF2.

Sophie: Let me tell it!

[Irina and whatever girl Igor is currently dating walk in the room]

Irina: A robot Heavy mistreated me!


Carkle: ...

Igor: Anyways, let's kick these metal bots to bits!

Carkle: Alright!

Sophie: Yeah!

King Kool: Ok?

Carkle: Excuse me Kool, but It's my catchphrase.

Igor: ...

[Igor turns into Soldier]

Igor: I'm ready to battle!


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