GoGang: Gold Mine Antics is the 27th episode of GoGang.


When TGB1 discovers his house was built over a Gold Mine, he tries to keep his hidden fortune a secret. But when the government finds out about it, TGB1's house is in danger!


David as TGB1 and Government Agent #2

Paul as Igor and KingKool

Young Guy as Pingy and James

Kayla as Sophie

Kate as The Mangle

Eric as President Alvin Hung and Man on TV

Dallas as Government Agent #1



[We open up to see TGB1 waiting in line at the convenience store]

TGB1: Only one ticket left. If that one wins, ill be the envy of the entire gang!

[Someone buys the ticket]

TGB1: Well then. (Looks at the ticket and reads the numbers.) It's probably not a winner anyway.

[Later, TGB1 and The Mangle are watching TV]

[The lottery numbers come on, and they happen to be the same ones on the ticket that TGB1 didn't get.]

TGB1: ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME!?!? DO YOU SEE THIS SH*T MANGLE!? THAT WAS MY LOTTERY TICKET! (starting banging on the floor out of anger.) MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MI- (The floor gives out, causing the two to fall into an underground cave.0

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