GoGang: Happy Birthday, Igor is a Birthday video by Igor, Sophie, Pingy, Carkle, and James.


It's Igor's birthday, and everyone he trusts is invited!



Paul as Igor

Eric as John, Carkle, and Cody

Jeniffer as Patchouli and Renko

Kayla as Sophie and Jelly

Kimberly as Sanae and Peanut

David as Preston and thegoldenbrick1

Young Guy as Pingy and James

Julie as Naomi and Marisa

Steven as Randall Boggs


[Igor wakes up]

Igor: "Today is my birthday..."

[Igor calls his Friends]

Igor: "Hello? Everyone! Today is my birthday!"

[They arrive]

Sophie: "We're Already here!"

Pingy: "Yeah!"

Igor: "Okay, let's set up this party!"

[They go to the mall]

[Cut to NoGang HQ]



It's revealed Igor has a crush on Patchouli Knowledge and Info-Chan.

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