Created By Pingy Animatronic.


The Heroes Are Teleported to The Land of Popples! So it's Up to The Heroes to Get Their Way Back to GoCity!


Young Guy as Pingy and James

Paul as Igor

Julie as Marisa and Kokona Haruka

Eric as John and Carkle

Kayla as Sophie and Saki Miyu

Kimberly as Pippi Osu and Sanae


[At The Pingy Manor]

[The Gang is Watching Popples on Pingy's TV]

[Pingy Gets Irritated]

Pingy: "I Cant Take This Anymore!!! Popples! Knock Off Of Care Bears! Like Popples Goes to The Farm! Popples into The Zoo! Popples into Everything!"

Igor: "Pingy is insane today." [Sighs]

[Pingy Gets The DVD Out of The XBOX 360]

Pingy: "My Favorite Is Popples into Million Pieces!!!!"

Igor: "Told you he's Insane today."

[Pingy Destroys The DVD]

Igor: "See what i mean?"

Sophie: "Why you did this?"


Igor: "Oh, Okay then."

[Saki Miyu, Pippi Osu and Kokona Haruka arrive.]

Igor: "Hey!"

Sophie: "Um, We might...Nevermind."

[The TV Teleports The Gang into Poppleland]

Igor: "Look at you have done pingy! We got teleported to Poppleland!"

Saki Miyu: "I'm Worried."

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