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 GoGang: Jurassic Mayhem is a GoGang episode. It is created by Kakashi Senpai

(By the way, he will never notice you.)


The GoGang find out that there is a new park full of dinosaurs opening up for the first time ever, so they all agree to visit the park.

However, a naughty boy named Zack has freed the dinosaurs from their enclosures, and it's now up to the GoGang to stop them, before they cause havoc.

Luckily, Mametchi and some friends survive.



Eric as IA

Grace as Lord Pluto

Ivy as Zack

Brian as Bubsy and IA Dank Demon Forme

Joey as Mametchi (he got voice surgery in GoGang: Runnners in Guy City)

Paul as TheFanGuy123 and Igor

Kalya as Sophie

Young Guy as Pingy

Extras (victims whom are killed by the dinosaurs)

Rainbow Sparkles VGCP


David Cameron



L Ryan




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