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Created by Igor the Mii

This is the third GoGang movie, but released as the second one, as the real second one (Igor, Sophie, & Friends Destroy Warrenland) was cancelled due to getting stuck in Development Hell.


The Kids Nowday spend their time On Computer and/or Videogames, So our Heroes And Wii Fit Trainer Create their Own "Worldwide Day of Play" Event called "Kids of the 90's".



Paul as Igor and the Red Villager of the Same Name

Kayla as Shauna, Sophie, Jelly and the Pink Villager of the Same Name

Julie as The Green Villager of the Same Name and Petunia

Tween-Girl as Mia the Light Green Villager

Brian as PC Guy and The Cyan Villager of the same Name

Kate as Wii Fit Trainer 

David/Evil Genius/Zack as The Yellow Villager of the same Name (David)

Princess as Shelly the Blue Villager

Young Guy as Tommy the Purple Villager


Sophie: "Many people spend time watching TV or on their computer. [lightbulb appears above her head] Let's make a group called The Kids of the 90's!"

Igor: "The Title of the Special Didn't Appear yet!"

PC Guy: "Now it will!"

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