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Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Oh No! MTP Has Teamed up With The Yolkians to Destroy POPTECR! They Must Stop MTP and The Yolkians From Killing Elsa, Rosalina, And Cynthia!!


  • Paul as Igor and Ooblar
  • Kayla as Sophie and Rosalina
  • Young Guy as IA and Pingy
  • Eric as Carkle
  • Julie as Elsa and MC Adore
  • Belle as Cynthia
  • Jennifer as Renko
  • Kidaroo as Mariotehplumber
  • Steven as King Goobot
  • Zack, David, Evil Genius as Male Yolkians
  • Princess as Female Yolkians


Pingy: This is a Nice Day!

Igor: Are you Sure, Pingy?

Pingy: Yes!

Igor: By The Way, Let's Go to POPTECR Headquarters!

Igor: But First I Have to Contact My Friends

(Igor Contacts Sophie, Carkle, MC Adore, and IA)

Sophie: What is it?

Pingy: Igor Said We Have to Go to POPTECR Headquarters!

(We go to The Headquarters)

Pingy: So What Should we Do Now Igor?

Igor: Monitor on Mariotehplumber to See What He's Doing!

(We Monitor on MTP)

(MTP is Stranded in Outer Space)

Mariotehplumber: Man! That Dirty Rotten Igor, That Penguin Freak, That Orange Otter and That Silver Animatronic Defeated me!

(The Chicken Spaceships Got MTP)

Mariotehplumber: What The? Why am I Being Kidnapped By Aliens?

Male Yolkian: Umm Goobot! We Got Ourselves a Human!

King Goobot: Splendid! Bring Him to My Throne!

(They Send MTP To Goobot)

Mariotehplumber: Who Are You?

King Goobot: Im King Goobot!

Ooblar: And im Ooblar!

King Goobot: And We are Here to Defeat The Heroes Igor, Sophie, Pingy, IA, and Carkle!

Mariotehplumber: Nice! Can I Join in Your Team?

King Goobot: Sure!

(They Laugh Evilly)

(The Chicken Spaceship Goes to Mushroom Kingdom)

King Goobot: "So, tell us how you got stranded in outer space."

Mariotehplumber: "Long story, but those heroes sent me to space. That's all I know."

Ooblar: "Oh come on! Why a short story?"

Mariotehplumber: "Long story!! Remember?"

Ooblar: "Oh."

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