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Created by Sophie the Otter and her friends.


After watching Popples, the GoGang notices that Sophie has created a balloon-like portal to take them to the Popples universe. Upon entrance, the humans stay normal, while the anthropomorphic ones, Cherry, Alex, Lemona, and Marmalade become Popples. The heroes notice that other GoAnimate characters have tagged along, either normally or as Popples. They encounter P.C. and Party Popple's posse. Igor and the majority of his human friends and acquaintances go out with Billy and Bonnie for a fun visit to the video arcade in honor of Billy Wagner's birthday.

When they need to help out at Billy Wagner's birthday party, Sophie and the other characters who became Popples are accepted into cooperating into setting the party up. However, their helping goes a bit outta hand as they accidentally create a big mess. It's up to the heroes to tidy things up until Igor, Billy, Bonnie, and the other humans return.


Young Guy as Pingy, Billy Wagner, Mametchi and James

Kayla as Sophie

Paul as Igor

Kimberly as Cherry/Sweetie Popple

Belle as Alex/Plumpy Popple and Potato Chip Popple

Emma as Lemona = Zesty Popple

Salli as Marmalade = Juicer Popple

Princess as Bonnie Wagner, Party Popple, and Punkity Popple

Brian as Mordecai

Thayer's Quest Synthesized Speech (emulated in Daphne and recorded in Bandicam) as the portal


[The heroes are watching Popples at the GoGang HQ's cinema]

[Pingy gets irritated]

[Pingy gets the DVD out]

Pingy: "I can't take it anymore! It's Popples Popples Popples! Popples at the farm! Popples at the zoo! Popples at the beach!"

Igor: "What have you done?!"

Sophie: "The Treasure of Popple Beach, Cooking Up a Storm,  The College of Popple Knowledge, Popples Play Pee-Wee Golf, and Pop-Paring for Bed are my favorites!"

Pingy: "Well, here's my favorite! Popples into a million pieces!!!!!"

[Pingy destroys the DVD]

Pingy: "DIE DIE DIE!!!"

Mordecai: "Why you destroy the DVD?"

Pingy: "I hate Popples with a burning passion!"

Mametchi: "Pingy! Calm down. I can clean up this mess." (he uses a vacuum to clean up the bits) "There. All gone."

[Sophie is blowing up a huge balloon]

Sophie: "Must....not make it pop."

Igor: "Sophie, what are you doing?"

Sophie: "Trying to blow up the world's biggest party balloon...." (blows it up, but the balloon stops inflating and opens its end to reveal a portal) "That's funny. I thought it would end up popping anyway."

Portal: "Thank you. Initializing system."

[Thirty seconds later...]

Portal: "System initialized. Who are you?"


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