Created by Igor.



Kratos (from God of War Series) and Nazrin (from Touhou Series) has kidnapped Palutena and Sanae! Igor, Pit and Sophie have to save them.

Chapter 1: Grassy Plains

It was revealed on the End of each Area, a Piece of a .AVI File would be Revealed, each Piece has 15 Secounds, and in total, there is 8 Pieces.

The Boss of the Zone is King Noob (From ROBLOX)

Chapter 2: Metal Mountains



Paul/Felipe as Igor the Mii

Eric as John and Carkle

Kayla as Sophie the Otter and Jelly Otter

Kimberly as Princess Zelda, Sanae Kochiya and Peanut Otter

Belle as Lady Palutena

Young Guy as Toy Bonnie and Toothy

Shy Girl as Baby Butter Otter




This was based on Sonic Robo Blast 2, and Igor's Headcanons of Kratos and Narzin.

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