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Created By Igor the Mii and Pingy Animatronic


1 Month after the events of GoGang: Yandere on the Loose, The GoGang revist Akademi High School, However, Igor and Pingy turned pouplar among the female students just like Senpai, Can they find a way to pair the Female Students with the Male ones?

The rest of GoGang end up meeting Hatsune Miku, who decides to help Igor and Pingy into pairing the students.


Paul as Igor and Haruto Yuto

Eric as John, Carkle and Sora (Yandere Simulator)

Kayla as Sophie and Kokona Haruka

Julie as Marisa Kirisame and Pippi Osu and Yandere-Chan

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya, Saki Miyu and Hatsune Miku

Simon as Oliverwestern

Young Guy as Pingy

Brian as Mordecai


[Cut to Akademi High School]

[The GoGang arrives]

Pingy: "Good Ol' Akademi High School!"

Igor: "Yeah..."

[Pippi Osu walks towards the Gang, she is intrested on Igor.]

Igor: "Pippi Osu? You seem intrested on me."

Mordecai: What the about it?

Pingy: "Hehehehehehehehehe!"

[Pingy Steals Senpai's Clothes]

Igor: "What the heck, Pingy?"

[Senpai is Wearing Nothing but Underwear]

[Yandere-Chan Walks in front of Pingy]

Pingy: "Hello! Im Senpai! Do You Wanna Come to My House and Play Video Games?"

[Pingy Shows Yandere-Chan his Mario Party 10 Game]

Pippi Osu: "Excuse me, i'm more intrested on Igor..."

Igor: "Uh, How?"

Pingy: "Hey Babe! Wanna Kiss Senpai?" [Pingy Talks to Pippi Osu]

Pippi Osu: "Pingy, Stay away, I'm more intrested on Igor."

Igor: "Again, Why?"

Pippi Osu: "You're a gamer, like me...."

[Igor blushes]

Sophie: "How many girls like Igor?"

Igor: "I don't even know, Sophie!"

Pippi Osu: "Hey Igor..."

Igor: "What?"

[Pingy Losts Sanity]


[Pingy Tries to kill Pippi Osu, But He gets Slapped by Igor, snapping him out.]


[Yandere-Chan Drags Pingy to the Backroom]

[Yandere-Chan puts a Mind control Helmet on Pingy]

[Yandere-Chan Controls Pingy]

Pingy: "I am Here to Kill Everybody!"

[Pingy is Shooting Lasers from his eyes to Everybody at School]

[Igor Reflects all the lasers towards the Mind Control Helmet]

[The Mind Control Helmet is Undestroyable and it Bounces the Laser into Pippi Osu, but it bounces off to something else, the helmet wears off by itself]

[Igor Walks towards the backroom]

Igor: "Yandere-Chan, how you got out of jail?!"

[Yandere-Chan has Growing Potion]

[Yandere-Chan Drinks it]

[Yandere-Chan Bursts Out of The Rooftop]

[The Students are Throwing Garbage Bags at Yandere-Chan]

Pingy: "What Should We Do Now?!"

Pippi Osu: "This isn't working!"

Igor: "I Know a Way!"

[However, Igor Shoots a Bazooka at Yandere-Chan, killing her.]

[Yandere-Chan returns to normal size]

[Igor fixes the Akademi high school]

Igor: "Jesus!"

[Pippi Osu walks towards Him]

Igor: "What now, Pippi Osu?"

[Cut to Pingy]

[Saki Miyu walks towards Pingy]

Saki Miyu: "Hey!"

Pingy: "Hey!"

[Pingy Blushes]

John: "It is me, or every girl on THIS School likes Pingy and Igor?"

Carkle: "You're right, John. We need to do something!"

John: "Like what, Carkle?"

Carkle: "We must get the male students to date the female students!"

John: "But Pippi Osu dosen't have a male counterpart!"

Carkle: "She could have either Senpai or Igor!"

John: "I get it, Carkle."

Pingy: "Let's Celebrate!"

[We Party at the Gymnasium]

[Happy Ending]

[Not really.]

[1 hour later]

Igor: "Well, Pippi Osu, i have to see my Gang berfore they wander off somewhere."

Pingy: "Is the Party Over?"

Igor: "I don't know."

Pippi Osu: "I wish you could spend more time with me."

Igor: "...Okay?"

[Igor walks away]

Carkle: "Igor cannot date you."

Pippi: "What's wrong?"

John: "He already has a girlfriend, It's Sanae Kochiya."

Sanae Kochiya: "Yeah..."

Pippi Osu: "Sanae Kochiya, Break up with Igor."

Sanae Kochiya: "Why?"

Pippi Osu: "Cause I'm in Love!"

Pingy: "A Battle Royale for Igor!"

[Pingy starts the Battle Royale]

[Everybody watches as Sanae Kochiya and Pippi Osu fight]

John: "OH MY GOD!"

[Sanae Kochiya Eats Pippi Osu]

[Sanae Kochiya is Full]


[Pippi Osu spawns next to John]

John: "What the?!"

Story Writer: "Well, i respawned her!"

[Igor returns]

Igor: "Stupid me, The Gang was here!"

Carkle: "Well, Sanae Kochiya ate Pippi Osu, but she respawned."


John: "Chill down!"

Igor: "Oh, sorry!"

[The Gang goes outside the Gym.]

Igor: "Something wrong here."

John: "Uh?"

Igor: "I realize everybody here loves me, trough i have a girlfriend already."

John: "What we can do about it?"

Igor: "You know the male students here? We have to get the female students to date them. exculding Pippi Osu, who is my new girlfriend."

[Everybody Gasps]

Igor: "Yes, i said it, Pippi Osu is my new girlfriend."


Igor: "Chill down, John!"

Mordecai: "Yeah, chill out John."

John: "Sorry."

Igor: "So, Excuse me, I'll-" [Opens the door, only to be surroranded by the Female Students] "OH MY GOD!" [Closes the Door] "We need to pair the female Students-"

Sophie: "Igor, you're repeating what you said berfore!"

Igor: "Woops!"

[Haruto Yuto enters the Gym trough the back door]

Haruto Yuto: "I'd like Saki Miyu as my girlfriend."

Igor: "Okay?"

Carkle: "You stole my catchphrase!"

Mordecai: Why? (Everytime when I was okay to going on, Carkle kept using and stole his idea over and over again).

Igor: "OK, it's not like-"

Pippi: "Hehe, i love you."

Igor: "I Know..."

Sophie: "GamerShipping. Get it? no? Igor and Pippi are gamers!"



  • This is the First time Pingy Loses Sanity.

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