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Created By Pingy Animatronic


Oh no! Mima has joined forces with Bowser and the Koopa Troops! Mima and Bowser are also planning on kidnapping the heroes love interests: Sanae Kochiya, Chica, Peach, Daisy, Cirno, Marisa Kirisame, and Preston!


Paul as Igor

Kayla as Sophie and Daisy

Young Guy as Pingy

Princess as Reimu Hakurei and Chica and Peach

Eric as John, Carkle and Luigi

Brian as Mario and Yoshi

Tween-Girl as Cirno

Jennifer as Mima

Wiseguy as Wario

Steven as Waluigi

Scary Voice as Bowser

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya

Professor as Prof E. Gadd

Voices for the Koopalings

Bowser Jr.-Ivy

Lemmy Koopa-Ivy

Wendy Koopa-Kayla

Morton Koopa-Diesel

Roy Koopa-Dallas

Larry Koopa-Paul

Ludwig Koopa-Eric

Iggy Koopa-Brian


Igor: "Back to the pipe of GoCity..."

[They go into the Pipe of GoCity]

Igor: "Same here, Other-"

[Cirno flies to the heroes]

Igor: "What is Cirno doing here?"

[Cuts to Bowser's castle]

Bowser: "Man, I gotta call Mima on the phone!"

[Bowser contacts Mima]

[Mima comes to Bowser's castle]

Mima: "Ready to kidnap the heroes' crushes?"

Bowser: "Oh yeah! I gotta call the Koopalings to kidnap them!"

[Bowser orders the Koopalings and Koopa Troops to kidnap the heroes' love interests]

[Cut to Peach's castle]

Igor: "Tick, tack, boom!"

[Cut to Koopalings]

Iggy: "Let's bombard Peach's castle!"

[The Koopa Troops are bombarding Peach's castle]

[Cuts to the Heroes]

Pingy: "Oh no! It's trouble!"

Sanae Kochiya: "I Hope Bowser doesn't kidnap me!"

Igor: "Same here!"

Cirno: "Igor, I must confess! I lo-"

[The Koopa Troops and Mima appear]

Bowser: "Now let's kidnap their crushes!"

[Bowser and Mima kidnaps the heroes' crushes and goes to the portal that leads to the Touhou universe]


Pingy: "Reimu Hakurei and Mario will be our allies."

Igor: "Yep!"

[Meanwhile at Mima's Castle in the Touhou universe]

Bowser: "Mima! Release the Koopa Troops to attack the heroes!"

Mima: "OK!"

[The Troops are Released]

Sanae Kochiya: "Help! I don't wanna stay here!"

Bowser Jr.: [Is Mocking] "Quiet you "help! I don't wanna stay" wee wee!"

Cirno: "Help me...I was going to confess my feelings to Igor!"

Mima: "SHUT UP!"

[Cut to the heroes walking to Reimu Hakurei's House]

Pingy: "There's lots of Koopa Troops. What should we do, Reimu Hakurei?"

Reimu Hakurei: "Defeat them."

Igor: "I suppose so."

John: "Poor Marisa Kirisame..."

Pingy: "I Know! We will disguise as Koopa Troopas!"

[Cuts to the Koopa Troopas guarding Mima's castle]

Koopa Troopa #1: "So, dude! Wanna head over to a coffee shop?"

Koopa Troopa #2: "Sure!"

[Pingy Uses a boomerang to defeat the 2 guards]

[Pingy and his friends put on the Koopa shells]

Igor: "Alright, this might work!"

John: "I wanted to kiss Marisa Kirisame..."

Igor: "It's not time for Ship Tease!"

[Meanwhile, Bowser Is planning a wedding for him and Peach]

Bowser: "Kiss me, Peach!" [Bowser smooches Peach]

Peach: "No!"

Marisa Kirisame: "I CAN'T LOOK!"

[The other girls close their eyes]

[Bowser kisses Peach's lips]

Peach: "EWWW!!!"

Sanae Kochiya: "Mima, don't do that to me!"

Bowser: "Now we're married, my lovely princess!"

Peach: "NOOOOOO!"

[Cut to the heroes]

[They bump into Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Nitori and Satori]

Pingy: "Whoops! Sorry! My bad!"

Nitori: "We're on the way to save Sanae Kochiya and Marisa Kirisame."

Mario: "Same here with Peach and Daisy!"

Igor: "Nitori can build a rocket to make us reach Mima's vastle on time."

[Nitori gives the heroes Bing Bong's rocket from Inside Out]

Pingy: "Now we must sing the Bing Bong song louder to activate it!"

Igor: "I Guess Pingy (User) is a peppa pig fan."

[The Heroes sing the song that causes the rocket to activate]


Nitori: [Thinking to herself] "I also like Igor..."

[The rocket crashes into one of the windows]

[We see Bowser feeding Peach too much cake]

Bowser: "Here, have some more cake!"


John: "Agreed, ot's disgusting!"

Peach: "No More..."

Bowser: "Fools! I am not marrying your crushes! I am feeding them!"

[Bowser is feeding Sanae Kochiya 900,000,000 Cakes]

Igor: [Slowly Becoming Insane] "No...just...NO...."

Pingy: "Igor?"

[Pingy Slaps Igor]

Pingy: "Pull yourself together, Soldier!"

Igor: "But I only kill evil people when I'M INSANE!"

John: "Control yourself!"

Bowser: "Fools! I will suck out all of your powers, and you will all be powerless dweebs!" [Bowser sucks their powers out with the PowerSucker 6000]

Igor: "Godmodding at Finest, now WE CAN'T DO CRA-" [throws a sword at Bowser]

[Bowser Is using the GoGang's powers to defeat them]

Igor: [uses reflector] "This will not work obviously on the reflector, WE WILL DIE!"

[Bowser locks them in a cage with a lava pit on the bottom]

Igor: "We tried..."

Reimu Hakurei: "We got overpowered easily..."

Pingy: "It's our end..."

[The Screen fades black.]

Igor: "...NO."

[The Screen returns to normal]


[Pingy uses a paperclip to get the heroes out of the cage]

[Igor takes the PowerSucker 6000]

[The heroes recover their powers]

Igor: "Fire blast!"

[Igor makes a fire tornado towards Bowser and Mima]

Bowser: "Oh!"

Mima: "Crud!"

[They get defeated]

Pingy: "Come on! We need to carry our crushes who got fat by eating cake!"

Igor: [holding them] "I know WE CAN DEFLATE THEM LATER."

[Igor attacks Bowser again]

[They go back to the Mario Universe]

Igor: "We're going to ask Gadd and Nitori to deflate our waifus."

Prof E. Gadd: "Okie dokie, New Yorkie!"

[E. Gadd turns the crushes back to normal]

Sanae Kochiya: "Hey! I'm not fat anymore!"

Peach: "Same here!"

[They all laugh]

[The end]

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