GoGang: The Terrific Telethon is a GoGang special episode created by Sophie the Otter with the help of Igor, KK, James, Pingy, and Christian.


After the NoGang has caused destruction at GoAnimateLand, the GoGang hosts a telethon featuring a variety of their friends performing witty acts to raise at least a billion dollars.


  • Eric as Handy, Carkle, John, and Flippy
  • Princess as Nitori
  • Joey as BLU Engineer
  • Julie as Marisa Kirisame
  • Jennifer as Patchouli and Renko
  • Kayla as Sophie the Otter and Jelly Otter
  • David as Preston and thegoldenbrick1
  • Young Guy as Pingy, James, and Mametchi
  • Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya, Info-Chan, and Peanut Otter
  • Paul as Igor the Mii and King Kool
  • Simon as OliverWestern
  • Jack DeSena as Chrome (cameo appearance)


[Sophie the Otter presents....]

[The title of the special appears from the left while a telephone appears from the right, the title and the telephone stick together to form the logo]

[Cut to GoGang]

Igor: "You know what's behind me?"

Flippy: "Huh?"

Mametchi: "What? Nitori?"

[Nitori appears behind Igor]

Igor: "Nitori!" [Giggles]

[As soon they arrive at GoAnimateLand, almost everything is destroyed. We hear several screeches that aren't loud]

Igor: "Let me guess, the NoGang did this?"

Pingy: "Yeah! They caused it!"

Igor: "Wait a minute, how did you know?"

Pingy: "They're always up to no good!"

Flippy: "Yeah, I think they destroyed the area themed to you, Mametchi!"

Mametchi: "I agree! Besides, Flippy, look at this!"

[The GoGang scrutinizes the park, realizing that there's a ton of damage dealt to it in general]

Info-chan: "Oh my god....."

Sophie: "Look at the damage!"

Oliver: "I concur. This will require a lot of money to repair."

Igor: "Only one problem: we don't have that much money to do so."

Sophie: "Well, let's consider a fundraiser."

Jelly: "A fundraiser? What kind?"

Peanut: "One at Chuck E. Cheese's? A car wash? A fair?"

Sophie: "Not quite. We're gonna go digital."

[King Kool appears]

King Kool: "I'm afraid you're forgetting me, as usual."

Sophie: "Don't worry, you're a good source of humor, so you'll help us raise the money."

King Kool: "Of course I am." [sarcastically] So where do we begin? Don't tell me - down the street, as usual? Touhou City Park?"

Igor: "Excuse me, but what Info-chan will do? She can't sell panty shots of course. We reformed her."

Handy: "Igor is right."

Sophie: "Wait! I know! We should do a telethon!"

Preston: "A telethon? I've never heard of one before. What's that? A running telephone?"

Sophie: (chuckles) "Not exactly, Preston. It's an event to raise money broadcasted on TV."

Preston: "I see now! I wish my hometown had more money."

Peanut: "Same here, especially since the Snooties back at Lake Hoohaw have it all."

Jelly: "Plus, there's entertainment in a telethon. In that case, people do hilarious and breath-taking stunts and acts to involve the people into giving in money!"

Igor: "Shall we organize one now?"

Mametchi: "Definitely."

King Kool: "As long as Mametchi doesn't get a TRUCKLOAD of focus, I'm in. I really hope you guys will thank me later."

Mametchi: "I'm not the leader anyway."

Igor: "Come on guys! What are you waiting for?"

Pingy: "Let's go to the studio and perform our telethon while it's broadcasted live on Orange Otter Network and Goan Central Television!"

The others except Pingy and Igor: "OK!"

[At the studio]

Igor: "One silly question, how many people in GoCity like Info-chan?"

James: "Come on, Igor. We're not gonna start some romance here. We're supposed to focus on producing the telethon."

Igor:  [Holds up sign saying "馬鹿!" (Baka!)] "You misstood it! I meant people who liked Info-chan in a NON-ROMANTIC way!"

James: "Oh, really?"

Igor: "It's true!"

King Kool: "What's with Sophie giving James snarkish lines when she said I'm a good source of humor? Do we need to name our performances "Everybody Hates King Kool"? I mean, all of you, with the exception of TGB1, are being a chatterbox and think it'll be A-OK if we focus on some overrated Yandere-Simulator character I seriously wanna injure severly because of her hideous face. Would you do that if this wasn't a low-budget show?"

[Cricket chirp]

King Kool: [uses an inhaler] "That's exactly a response I'd expect from you guys. If we go off-topic again..."

TGB1: "What?"

King Kool: "I don't know. But it'll be horrible. Oh, and here's a pro-tip: At LEAST give the other characters the chance to speak. I really dislike it when you guys add Jelly or Peanut to the cast list, but they're as silent as a mouse once they're added to our low-budget-limited-animation-ridden GoGang "films" that are actually 10 minutes long, and not 90. Or, in rare cases, they simply have one line. Before I suffer serious breathing issues, should I say anything else?"

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