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GoAnimate x Walfas (a Touhou animation tool) crossover by Igor.


Spoiler Don't gaze at it for too long!

This section contains plot content. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

The Heroes somehow find themsleves in the Walfas/Touhou World, and realize they turned into Walfas/Touhou-looking Characters! (non-Humans, such as Carkle, Sophie and Pingy, has been turned into humans.)

They realize Mima is torturing Sanae Kochiya, much to Igor's dismay. Can they defeat Mima and return to the GoAnimate World? Igor also learns the Fire Storm Ability near the end of the movie, which can easily kill anybody, inculding immortals and spirits. (if they're evil.)

Good Ending

Igor sucessfully uses Fire Storm to defeat Mima and and save Sanae Kochiya, thus they return to the GoAnimate World.

Bad Ending

The Fire Storm backfires and kills the heroes, and Mima tortures Sanae Kochiya until death.


  • Paul as Igor the Mii
  • Kayla as Sophie, Marisa Kirisame, Flandere and Pingella
  • Julie as MC Adore, Cirno and Irina
  • Jeniffer as Renko and Mima
  • Princess as Reimu Hakurei
  • Young Guy as IA, Bubsy Bobcat and Pingy
  • Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya
  • Eric as John, Carkle and Zion


[The gang are walking down a forest. They see a portal.]

Igor: "Um, what's in the Portal?"

Pingy: "Dunno! Maybe a Giant Tacodile From Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball 2 May Attack us?"

Sanae Kochiya: "Eh, No."

[The Gang enters the portal and land in the Touhou/Walfas universe.]

[Igor looks at himself. He realizes he is now wearing an orange dress with a white bow and blue short sleeves.]

Igor: "Why am I dressed like a girl?"

Pingy: "Am I cross-dressing?!"

[Igor looks at Pingy. He is shocked.]


Pingy: "I did?!"

[Pingy looks at himself in the mirror]


Igor: "I told you!"

[Sophie and Carkle are next to look in the mirror. They scream]

Carkle: "I turned into a human too!"

Sophie: "Me three!"


Sanae Kochiya: [Looks at the sky. She finds a shadow falling towards her.] "AHHHHH!!!"

[Sanae Kochiya is kidnapped by the "shadow".]

Igor: "What the..."

[The shadow turns out to be Mima.]

Pingy: "Mama mia! Here we go again!"

Igor: "What the f*ck now, Mima?!"

[Everybody gasps]

Igor: "What? I had to swear!"

Mima: "Sanae Kochiya shouldn't date boys like you! Not until I die! But I am a spiritt! That mean I am immortal!"

Igor: "That means-"


Igor: "Ugh!"

Pingy: "And I know Chica likes pizza, right guys? Heh."

Igor: "1. This isn't time to make references to How to Make FNAF Not Scary. 2. Sanae Kochiya is on the risk for being tortured by Mima!"

[Pingella lands in the Walfa/Touhou World]

Pingy: "Pingella?!"

[So does Irina.]

Igor: "Irina?!"

Irina: "For some reason, I feel safer here."

Igor: "Irina and Pingella, look in the mirror."

[Irina and Pingella aren't freaked out]

Pingella: "Great! I am a human!"

Irina: "I was a human inthe  first place."

Igor: "So guys, Who should we ask for help?"

Pingy: "Reimu Hakurei?"

Pingella: "So what's the trouble?"

Igor: "Mima kidnapped Sanae Kochiya, and we have to save her!"

Irina: [has flashbacks to the events of "When Igor is sleeping in a forest but Sanae Kochiya and Irina are still awake".] "Ummm, I don't think that's a good choice."

Igor: "Why?"

Irina: "Sanae Kochiya pu-"

[2 Minutes Later]

Irina: "Then you noticed it and was shocked, and I still am shocked to this day."

Igor: "So?"

Pingy: "Umm, will Mima's guards come and attack us?"

Igor: "Ummm, she has a minon. Her name is Marisa Kirisame."

Pingy: "Marisa Kirisame?"

Igor: "She is literally both a witch and a maid at same time. Weird, right?"

Pingy: "Yep."

[Meanwhile, at Mima's lair...]

Mima: "Marisa Kirisame! Keep an eye on Sanae Kochiya! I'll look for something to spank her with."

Marisa Kirisame: "Okay!"

[Marisa Kirisame is looking at Sanae Kochiya while Mima flies away.]

[5 minutes later, Mima returns with a paddle.]

Mima: "Time for Spanking!" [Evily Laughs]

[Mima hits Sanae Kochiya with the Paddle.]

[Sanae Kochiya Screams so loud that the Heroes heard her.]

[Cut to the heroes.]

Igor: "OH NO! Sanae Kochiya!"

Pingy: "Wouldn't we ask Reimu Hakurei for help first?"

Igor: "Oh."

[The Heroes look for Reimu Hakurei.]

Pingy: "If Only The Portal Stays Open So We're Safe."

Igor: "It actually Closed, and won't open until we save Sanae Kochiya."

The GoGang (Minus Igor): "WHAT?!"

Igor: "We have to save Sanae Kochiya to return to GoCity."

[The Heroes Spot Reimu Hakurei's House.]

Pingy: "Is There a Bathroom in This Universe?!"

Igor: "I Suppose So."

Sophie: "..."

Pingy: "Goodness Gracious! Im Starving!"

[Pingy Gets Out his Mcdonald's Happy Meal]

Pingy: "Well I Bought My Mcdonald's Happy Meal With Me!"

[Mima Snatches It]


Igor: "Mima is actually a evil sprit, not a witch."

[Pingy Gives Mima Sardine]

[The Mighty Eagle Comes to Chase Mima]


[Mima Disappears and the Mighty Eagle crashes in a mountain.]

Igor: "GOD DARN IT!"

[The Gang walks inside to Reimu Hakurei's House.]

Reimu Hakurei: "Uh, Hello guys! why you're doing here?"

Igor: [Sigh] "Sanae Kochiya got kidnapped by Mima."

Reimu Hakurei: "OH NO! We need to save her! Also, Sanae Kochiya is my lesbian Sweetheart!"

[Igor is confused.]

Igor: "Lesbian Sweetheart? I thought Sanae Kochiya was my Sweetheart."

Reimu Hakurei: "She is also my sweetheart, you know!"

Igor: "Okay..."

[Cut back to Mima's Lair.]

[Sanae Kochiya is Bleeding.]

Sanae Kochiya: "Agh, Please! Stop!" [Cries]

Mima: "I WILL NEVER STOP!" [Manically Laughs again]

[Cut back to Reimu Hakurei and the heroes.]

[They walk out of the House.]

[Pingy Sees a Time Capsule in Front of Reimu Hakurei's House]

[Pingy Sees a Old Map to Mima's Lair]

Pingy: "Hey Guys! I Found Something!"

Igor: "What is it?"

[Igor looks at the old map.]

Igor: "A Old Map to Mima's Lair?"

Reimu Hakurei: "It's indeed A Old map to Mima's Lair."

Igor: "Oh."

Pingy: "Maybe it will help us reach Mima's Lair!"

[They are Walking to Mima's Lair in 3 Hours, but it felt like 3 months.]

[They Finally Made it]

Pingy: "We Made It!"

Igor: "Took Forever, Eh?!"


Igor: "Oh uh!"

[Pingy Dresses Up as Circus Clown]

Pingy: "Pingy's Happy Circus! I Am The Ringmaster!"

Igor: "Are you serious?"

[Pingy Juggles Bouncy Balls While He Rides On a Unicycle And a Walrus is Sitting On Top of Pingy's Head]

Igor: "..."

Mima: "Bad!"

[Mima uses her powers to blast Pingy to a wall.]

Igor: "PINGY!"

[Pingy Lands on the Dragon While Mima Blasts Him]

[Pingy Tames the Dragon]

Igor: "We got a dragon aganist you."

[The Dragon Flies To The Lair With Me]

Mima: "WHAT?!"

[The Dragon Uses Fire Blast on Mima]

Igor: "Was it Super Effective?!"

Pingy: "I don't know!"

Igor: "I have a new attack now!"


Igor: "Fire Storm!"

Pingy: "Mama Mia! am I Right Dragon?"

[Dragon Nods]

Pingy: "Okay!"

Igor: "Fire......................."

Mima: "OH UH!"

Igor: "................STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Good Ending

[The Fire Storm Hits Mima.]


Sophie: "How a Evil Sprit can catch on fire?"

Igor: "GoAnimate Logic-I Mean, Walfas Logic!"

Pingy: "Yah Got It!"

Sophie: "Let's Go Back Home!"

[The Heroes Goes Back To GoAnimate World]

[Happily Ever After]


Bad Ending

[Fire Storm Backfires, Hits the Heroes.]

Pingy: "Oh Crud!"

[The Heroes Die.]

[Mima Maniaclly Laughs]

[She Tortures Sanae Kochiya Until Death.]

[Sanae Kochiya dies.]




  • Chica is absent in this crossover episode, but she is mentioned by Pingy.
  • This is the first episode to mostly use a different animation tool other than GoAnimate. In this case, Walfas' create.swf.
  • Igor mentioned the walfas in The GoGang Adventures Of The KND.

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