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GoAnimate and Yandere Simulator Crossover by Igor.


The Gang Finds themselves on Yandere-Chan's School. It's lunchtime, and Pingy Saw Yandere-Chan Posion a Girl's lunch! The Gang Realizes Yandere-Chan is killing other girls because she wants to be Senpai's Girlfriend. 

Good Ending

Igor Calls the Police and Yandere-Chan is arrested then executed. They turn Info-Chan into the good side, and they recruit Senpai and Info-Chan for the Gang.

Bad Ending

Yandere-Chan notices the Gang and kills them.


Paul as Igor the Mii 

Young Guy as Pingy and Senpai

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya and Info-Chan

Julie as Yandere-Chan

Kayla as Sophie

Eric as John and Carkle


[The Gang is walking on a street. they see Yandere-Chan's School.]

Pingy: "Umm? Why are We Going to See Yandere-Chan's School? Are We Doing a Crime Scene in There?"

Igor: "The Plot is asking us to go there. we must find out why."

[The Gang enters the School.]

[Saki Miyu (A Student with Cyan Hair and Long Pigtails) closes her locker.]

Pingy: "Miku?"

Saki Miyu: "I'm not Miku, I'm Saki Miyu!"

Pingy: "Geez Calm Down Fatty!"[Talks to Saki Miyu]

Saki Miyu: "But i'm not fat!"

Igor: "Ugh, Pingy. Leave Saki Miyu Alone."

[During Lunchtime]

[Pingy Cross Dresses as Saki Miyu]

[Pingy Goes to Senpai]

Pingy: [Cleans Throat then Mimics Saki Miyu's Voice] "Hello Senpai! It's Me! Saki Miyu! Wanna date?"

Senpai: "You're not Saki Miyu."


Senpai: "Igor told me you would crossdress like Saki Miyu."

Igor: "Sorry Pingy, I HAD TO!"

[Meanwhile, Yandere-Chan is trying to Posion Kokona Haruka's Lunch (which is a bento).]

Pingy: "Yandere! Stop! No Killing!"

Yandere-Chan: "But if i don't kill Kokona Haruka, She will confess her feelings to senpai! i can't let that happen!"

Pingy: "It's Called Imagination! [He Does a Rainbow All Over Yandere-Chan]"

Yandere-Chan: "I don't care!"

[Yandere-Chan posions it and walks away, unnoticed.]

[Kokona Haruka sits and is ready to eat her lunch.]

Igor: "Oh! NOES!"

[Pingy Knocks Kokona Haruka's Lunch on The Ground]

Pingy: "No."

Kokona Haruka: "WHY YOU DID THIS?!"

Pingy: "Yandere-Chan's Poisoning Ya"

[Pingy Backflip in Front of Yandere-Chan]

[Pingy Dresses Up as Elvis Presely and Sings To Yandere-Chan Reject Senpai]

Igor: "What the..."

[Yandere-Chan Grabs Pingy's Lips and Seals It]

Igor: "WTH?!"

[Igor is scared.]

Igor: "Yandere-Chan, Why?"

Yandere-Chan: "He wouldn't shut up!"

Igor: "So?"

Yandere-Chan: "He also dosen't want me dating senpai!"

Igor: "Ugh..."

Yandere-Chan: "But i want Senpai!"

Igor: "But probably he hates you."

Yandere-Chan: [Shows Middle Finger to Igor]

[Pingy and Igor Goes to the Private Room]

Pingy: "Igor! I am Going to Cross Dress as Yandere Chan and Say Hi! Im Yandere Chan! I Hate Senpai!"

Igor: "Ok!"

[Pingy Disguises as Yandere Chan]

Pingy: [Mimics Yandere Chan's Voice] "Hi! Im Yandere Chan! and I Hate Senpai! I Do not Want to Date Him No More!"

Igor: "Bammit, This will not end well!"

[Yandere-Chan hears Pingy.]

[Yandere-Chan Gets Angry.]

Touhou - Night of Nights Plays]

Igor: "RUN, PINGY! RUN!"

[Yandere-Chan is Chasing Pingy in The School Halls Like the Pac-Man Maze]

Yandere-Chan: "I'M GOING TO F**KING KILL YOU!"


[Igor Decides to join the chase.]

[Pingy Goes to The Lost and Found Room and Hide From Yandere-Chan]

[Pingy Disguises Himself as Senpai]

Pingy: "Hello Yandere-Chan! I am Senpai! Your Boyfriend Now."

Yandere-Chan: "You're not senpai. You're Pingy."

Igor: "How she knew?"

Yandere-Chan: "Senpai wouldn't confess to me at this time, and HE ISN'T A PENGUIN!"

Senpai: "I Never Wanna Date You Yandere-Chan!"

Igor: "Oh. no."

Yandere-Chan: "No.....W...W-Wait..."

[Yandere-Chan is Heartbroken.]


[Info-Chan walks towards the Gang.]

Pingy: "Yandere-Chan's a Stupid Head."


Igor: "You Should make it stop!"

[Pingy Scares Yandere-Chan Away With King Boo From Mario]

Igor: "This will not end good."

Good Ending

Igor: "Call the Police!"

[Pingy Calls 911]

[They Arrive]

Officer: "You're under arrest!"

[They Handcuff Yandere-Chan]

Yandere-Chan: "Noooo!"

[Yandere-chan is pushed into the police car]

[The Police car drives away]

Info-Chan: "Oh My..."

Igor: "Info-Chan, you don't want to get arrested, do you?"

Info-Chan: "I'M SO SORRY!"

Igor: "It's Okay...Would you like join the GoGang?"

Info-Chan: "That would be great!"

Senpai: "I wanna join the GoGang too!"

Igor: "Okay, you're both in!"

Senpai and Info-Chan: "Thanks!"


Bad Ending

Yandere-Chan: "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!"


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