GoGang Descendants is a movie created by Pingy Animatronic, it is inspired by a Disney TV Movie Descendants.


Taking place in the 2030's, the story follows the GoGang's children on their adventures.

The Heroes' Sons/Daughters

  • PJ: Son of Pingy Animatronic.
  • Zach: An 8-year-old Animatronic Son of thegoldenbrick1 and The Mangle
  • Mary: A 6-year-old Human Daughter of thegoldenbrick1 and The Mangle
  • Violet-Rose Evergreen: An 11-year-old bear and daughter of Sophie and Preston. She is a bookworm and expert botanist. She also likes to invent and tinker with gadgets.
  • Danny Evergreen: A 7-year-old otter and the son of Sophie and Preston. He is a prankster and is also occasionally dense, but still great to hang around. He is sometimes a pushover when things don't go his way.
  • Erin "Thundi" Kagauan: Igor and Rin's 12-years old Child, She is cheerful and enjoys Singing, she also has the Manipulation of Electricity.
  • Jon: Son of James and Ino.
  • Chamametchi: Son of Mametchi.


The Villains' Sons/Daughters

  • Plushtrap: Springtrap's Son.
  • Mimy: Mirror Igor and Mima's 12-years old Son.


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