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The GoGang Series is a series created by Igor the Mii.


In this series, join Igor, Sophie, Pingy, TGB1, and their friends on various quests. See them meet new friends, help others in need, or defeat villains. 


Season 1 (2014)

1.GoGang: The Great Universe Colilson

2.GoGang: Kids of the 90's

3.GoGang: The Great Children Celebration

4.GoGang: The Great PETA Fight

5.GoGang: Burning the Pig

Season 2 (2015)

6.GoGang: Shuffled Shipping

7.GoGang: Out, Dlima!

8.Need for GoMadness (Crossover with Need for Madness)

9.GoGang: Destroying the XBOX Lair

10.GoGang: 100-Character Dinner

11.GoGang: GoFortress  (Crossover with TF2)


13.GoGang: GoWarriors

14.GoGang: BLU vs RED

15.GoGang's Official Fanfiction University (Season Finale)

Season 3

16.GoGang: Martial Arts tournament*

17.GoGang: IA's Son*

18.GoGang: Mariotehplumber and the Yolkians Revenge*

19.The GoGang Adventures Of The KND (crossover with Codename: Kids Next Door)

20.GoGang: Walfaized

21.GoGang: Getting Cirno Smarter

22.GoGang: Igor's Birthday (Igor's 14th Aniversary)

23. GoGang: Pop 'n Go (crossover with Popples (1986 series))

24. GoGang: Elevator of Nightmares

25. GoGang: 8-Bits n' Pieces

26. The Get Along GoGang (crossover with The Get Along Gang)

27. GoGang: Gold Mine Antics

28. GoGang: TGB1's Darkest Hour

29. GoGang: A Wizardo Story

30. GoGang: Operation: Rescue Igor

Season 4

31. GoGang: Night Of The Sort Of Dead

32. GoGang: The Invader

33. GoGang: Leap of Faith


season 5: The Final Chapters


  • In Season 1, it was formerly known as "Igor, Sophie and Others in:".


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