Created by Igor, Pingy, CoolGamer23/Driller, Sophie, James and other users.


Chapter 1: The Invasion

Gackt, ForkU, APPEND, ForkU, Freezer, Gustav, Chef Retardee and Witchan Invade GoCity and are making People Like Rule 34! They also joined forces with SanicGee! So the GoGang leaves GoCity in order to think of a way to stop the invasion.

Chapter 2: The Giant HQ

Igor and the GoGang have formed the Anti-Rule 34 HQ. Also, Mordecai makes an appearance in this chapter, while SimpleGuy1401 doesn't

Chpater 3: The Giant Battle


Good Ending


Bad Ending



  • Paul as Igor and Susumu Hori
  • Eric as John and Carkle
  • Julie as Marisa Kirisame, MC Adore
  • Kayla as Sophie, Shauna, Jelly
  • Young Guy as Pingy, James, and Mametchi
  • Princess as Chica and Anna Hottenemeyer
  • Scary Voice as Rule 34nae
  • Brian as Mordecai
  • Ivy as Puchi
  • Wise Guy as Taizo Hori
  • Zack as CoolGamer23
  • Professor as Ataru Hori


Chapter 1

GoGang and the Rule 34 Invasion/Chapter 1

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