The Guy City clock is a four-digit, seven-segment display public display digital clock located on the Winner Square in downtown Guy City in the Republic of Guy. It was built in 1985, and is currently the most precise digital clock in the world.


The clock is 45cm x 20cm in 2D, with the 3rd dimension being just a centimeter. The clock was built to accomodate leap seconds when it is needed, that is, it is an atomic clock. The clock, like most of digital clocks in RG, doesn't show leading zero on hours, days and months, but it's 24-hour.


For 4.5 seconds, the clock is on the time mode, that is, it shows for example 12:34. After that, a 0.5s disappear with occur, transitioning to the date (e.g. when it is January 23 for example it would be 23. 1, with the space meaning a seven-segment display digit which has nothing), lasting just 2 seconds. After the same 0.5s disappear, it will fade to temperature, shown in degrees Celsius and with plus or minus sign next to the first digit, albeit smaller (e.g. 2°C will be shown as + 2°C, again with ths space representing a digit). After 2 seconds, it will go back to time after the same half second disappear.


The color of the digits depends on temperature. If the temperature is above zero, the color is red. If the temperature is below zero, the color is cyan. If the temperature is 0°C, it will then be white.