Hairstone, better known as Kamiishi, is an object featured in Magical Girl Team Lucky Star. When the object is touched, it will grow out the hair of the user using it. The object was discovered by Ayano Fuchigami in Space Ninja Team Star Trigon.


These objects are mainly found in the Nether realm, usually in caves. The object first appeared when Miyuki was telling a story about the former queen of the Lucky Star Kingdom, Ayano Fuchigami, on how she discovered hairstone with a yellow aura in it, and when exposed, it grew her hair insanely long, so long that the band that holds her ponytail snapped. Konata recalls on how her mother was supposedly exposed to hairstone and supposedly gaining the same effect throughout her life.

In the Magical Girl Team Lucky Star episode The Hairstone Adventure, the group supposedly discovered hairstone and gained the effect.

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