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Halloween Party at Akademi High's is a Halloween special by Igor the Mii, it airs after The Rare-gap opening hat.


Rino Fuka, one of the Senseis of Akademi High School invites the GoGang to a Halloween party at Akademi High School, but some things go bad after Yandere-chan finds out Irina is on a relationship with Senpai.


  • Igor
  • Irina
  • TGB1
  • Sophie
  • James
  • Pingy
  • KingKool
  • Info-chan
  • Rino Fuka (Yandere-chan's Sensei)
  • Yandere-chan
  • Senpai
  • Yui Rio
  • Kokona Haruka
  • Mametchi
  • Megurine Luka
  • Freezespeed the Human-Youkai (as an Mailman)
  • Yukari Yakumo
  • Yonaka (Mogeko Castle)
  • Mordecai
  • Simple/Jeremy Belpois 1405


Work in progress — please wait.

  • [Cut to the Sunset, We see Akademi High School.]
  • [Rino Fuka is seen giving a mail to Freezespeed.]
  • Freezespeed: "This invite is for Cirno and Sonic?"
  • Rino Fuka: "It's for the GoGang."
  • Freezespeed: "Got it!"
  • [Freezespeed heads to GoGang HQ.]
  • [Once he arrives there...]
  • [Freezespeed knocks on the Door.]
  • Igor: [Opens the door] "Yes?"
  • [Freezespeed gives the Mail to Igor.]
  • [The letter reads: "Dear Igor of the GoGang, you and the GoGang are invited to a Halloween Party on Akademi High School. Please Come Around 20:00. -Rino Fuka."]
  • Freezespeed: "What you think?"
  • Igor: "Oh boy! My Gang and I are Invited!"
  • [Igor enters the GoGang HQ.]
  • Igor: "Hey guys, guess what!"
  • Sophie: "What is it?"
  • Igor: "We're invited to a party at Akademi High school!"
  • Mordecai: "Really?"
  • W.I.P

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