"Holy mother of Konata Izumi! How dare you beat up Driller! That's it! Go to the principal's office right now!"
Igor the Mii in Drillimation Really Crappy Ocs and King Empty Jay beat up Drillimation and gets grounded

Holy mother of Konata Izumi! is a phrase used in vain that refers to Konata's dead mother in Lucky Star. It is used when a dramatic action occurs in a Drillimation.


How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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In Drillimation's Wataru puts spikeweed in Principal Brinks's parking spot

(Principal Brinks drives into his parking spot as usual, when a popping noise is heard.)

Principal Brinks: Holy mother of Konata Izumi! My car has a flat tire!

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