Igor and Friends: The Series is a TV Series created by TGB1.


In this show, Igor and his friends go on several adventures together, while learning important life lessons in the process.


Igor: The shows main protagonist.

Pingy: The shows detuagonist.

TGB1: One of the two tritagonists of the show.

Sophie: One of the two tritagonists of the show.

James: The shows teratagonist.

Carkle: A recurring protagonist.

IA: The shows main antagonist.

KingKool: A recurring protagonist.

Chrome: A minor protagonist.

Zach: The shows secondary antagonist.

TSB1: The shows tertiary antagonist.

Episode Lineup

1. The Broken Bridge - Igor and Carkle try to fix a bridge to no avail.

2. The Pie Contest - TGB1 and James try to make the worlds largest pie.