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This article is about the corrupted version of Igor the Mii. For the original character, see Igor the Mii.

Iogr the Mii is a corrupted/really, really screwed up version of Igor the Mii, escaping from an interdimensional portal and into the prime dimension's GoCity. Iogr attempts to take over Brazil and later the United States, but his attempts fail and he is banished to another dimension where he takes over the world there. This dimension is known as the "Wonderfun Dimension".


Iogr is an obese middle-aged man who has the naive ability to eat anything, from actual food to entire galaxies if given the size. Iogr owns an electric shopping cart he uses to walk when he feels too chubby or tired.


  • Iogr is the result of a joke character made to parody the real Igor the Mii.
  • His presence is usually accompanied by SpongeBob background music. See for yourself.
  • His dimension, the Wonderfun Dimension, is given it's name from Iogr's statement "WOW! WHAT A WONDERFUN DAY (sky is hellish red)!"

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