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James with his Rolling Rock.

James Rolfe (ジェームズロルフ Jēmuzu Rorufu) (better known by his internet alias "The Angry Video Game Nerd" is a film maker, and reviewer, his most famous s show is The Angry Video Game Nerd, he's also known for Monster Madness, You Know What's Bullsh*t?, and Board James, He appeared as a playable character in Super Smash Keyboards 2.


  • Profane Nuke: James spits out F-bombs from his mouth that scatter all over the field. The bombs then explode killing the opponent except James.
  • Super Mecha Death Christ: James disappears and Super Mecha Death Christ falls on the opponent and crushes them to death. Super Mecha Death Christ then leaves while screaming.
How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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