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Jamiem2001 (born Jamie Mertens on March 19, 2001) is a User, and the Founder, of the GoAnimate V2 Wiki. He founded it on Thursday 19 June 2014, originally as a replacement for GoAnipedia, which was badly damaged before James adopted it (prior to his first global blocking before coming back as LegendKillerProductions once he turned 13). Some users classify him as a firm-but-fair user, and this was correctly demonstrated on Tuesday 12 May 2015, when he revoked everybody's Adminship as punishment for the Novazoid incident (hence this wiki's existance). Though he still remained friends with the Admins who tried to prevent the vandalism.

However, he has also been known to rub users up the wrong way, which on Thursday 2 September 2015, ended up with Jamiem2001 making an enemy in both OliverWestern, and Igor the Mii, with the former of the two outrightly accusing him of returning to the dark side.

What the Admins hadn't told Jamiem2001 was that OliverWestern is one of those users whom doesn't forgive so easily, and OliverWestern had publicly named him alongside KingKool720, and IntellegentATHIEST, as the people who he felt betrayed his trust, knowing full well that latter did exactly that.

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