Created by Igor.


While Igor, Sanae Kochiya, John and Reimu Hakurei were on the Forest of GoCity, They bump into Marisa Kirisame. John falls on love with her, yet Igor is shocked because if Princess Zelda finds out, she will murder Marisa Kirisame!


Paul as Igor

Julie as Marisa Kirisame

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya, Peanut Otter and Princess Princess Zelda

Eric as John and Carkle

Princess as Reimu Hakurei Harukei

Shy Girl as Baby Butter Otter

Kayla as Sophie and Jelly Otter

Young Guy as Pingy


[Igor, Sanae Kochiya, Reimu Hakurei and John are walking on the forest.]

Igor: "What-a-nice time to relax on the woods."

John: "Yeah..."

[Suddenly, they run into Marisa Kirisame]

Igor: "Oh, Hi Marisa Kirisame!"

[John's Eyes Become Hearts.]

John: "Marisa Kirisame..."

Marisa Kirisame: "Oh, Hi John..." [Giggles]

John: "I Love you..."

Marisa Kirisame: "Wait...WHAT?!"

Igor: "OH MY GOD, JOHN!"

Sanae Kochiya: "I thought you were in love with Princess Zelda."

Reimu Hakurei: "I agree! You just got yourself another girlfriend named Marisa Kirisame, seriously?"

John: "No doubt about it. It's true!"

Igor: "You gotta be Squidding-I mean, Kidding me!"

Sanae Kochiya: "Splatoon much?"

Igor: "No time to explain puns, Sanae Kochiya! What if Princess Zelda finds out John is on love with Marisa Kirisame? I don't want to know how it will end!"

Marisa Kirisame: "I don't want to know either."

Igor: "Anyway, let's return to GoCity."

[The 5 Return to GoCity.]

Princess Zelda: [Pops up from Bush] "I Did just hear that John is on love with Marisa Kirisame?!"

[Princess Zelda Follows the 5.]

Pingy: "Eh, No." [I eat a Bag of Cheetos]

Marisa Kirisame: "It is me, or we're being followed by Princess Zelda?"

John: "She has probably-"

Princess Zelda: "John?" [Trying to not look Jealous]

John: "Yes?"

Princess Zelda: "Why you're dating Marisa Kirisame?"

John: "Cause I see something in her."

Princess Zelda: "What do you mean you're seeing something in her?"

Igor: "Now I'm confused."

John: "Beauty."

Princess Zelda: "Beauty?! I thought you said I was beautiful, but now you're making this a bigger challenge."

John: "Why?"

Princess Zelda: "John, Listen, I am jealous!"

John: "Jealous?!"

Igor: "John, listen, i was on this situation berfore!"

John: "Then how you solve it?!"

Igor: "Let me tell you on my house."

[Igor and John walk to Igor's House. Princess Zelda and Marisa Kirisame follows them. Halfways, Igor notices both girls.]

Igor: "Sorry, this talk will be private."

Princess Zelda: "Aww..."

[The two girls walk away.]

[at Igor's House.]

Igor: "When they realize they have a slimar behavior, they might get along and become fine with each other dating you."

John: "Will that work?"

Igor: "Mostly likely a yes."

John: "Okay, I hope so."

[Cut to the 2 girls.]

Marisa Kirisame: "Whoa, aren't you going to kill me, are you?"

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