This is a Korean name; the surname is Jung.
Jung Sang Rim
Jung Sang Rim

Sang Rim's typical appearance.

Korean name (Hangul)







Loquendo Zeynep



Jung Sang Rim (Korean: 중상림) is the 151st Kirby Loopsy imposter, created by Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1. She is one of the Korean Kirby Loopsy impersonators.


  • Little known number of users are using the female Turkish TTS voice on GoAnimate, which is Zeynep, who voiced for Sang Rim. Like the other Korean Kirby Loopsy imposters (besides Shin Hyun Won), it uses female non-Korean TTS voice.
  • Like Subaru Loopsy, she uses the exact typical outfit from Serena Loopsy's.
  • Sang Rim is the Youngest of the Korean Kirby Loopsy imposters. Being Born on June 16, 1999. She's also very Intelligent.


  • Sang Rim's Appearance is based on Kirby Loopsy's Summer Look. Only a Little Different. She has Purple Sideswept hair. Magenta Outlined Tiara, Black Eyes and Orange Eye Lids. Her Outfit is the same as Serena Loopsy's. She wears a Magenta Jacket consisting a Bright Yellow Scarf and an Orange and Yellow Punk Skirt.

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