Kagami Becomes a Magical Girl

First Aired

JP March 15, 1981
NA March 17, 1990


Yutaka Yamamoto


Hiroshi Takajima

Kagami Becomes a Magical Girl (カガミが魔法少女になります Kagami ga Mahō Shōjo ni Narimasu) is the fourth episode of Magical Girl Team Lucky Star. It is the fourth episode of the first season of the series, and the 4th overall.


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Act One

During the lunch break at school, Kagami comes over to Konata's classroom to discuss the legend about magical girls and how Konata became one, and that Kagami should be one too. After school, Konata goes over to Kagami and Tsukasa's house and think of an idea to cause a preemptive strike on Team Ankoku, and Tsukasa tells Kagami that she should steal Eguri's Flame Gohei staff to be part of it. The next day on the weekend, Konata goes with Kagami because Tadao said that Kagami cannot go by herself on an adventure. To avoid getting caught in Dr. Manhole's fortress, the two disguise themselves as Team Ankoku grunts as Kagami steals the Flame Gohei. After the gohei was taken, a warning siren is heard and the two escape from Dr. Manhole's fortress.

Act Two

After the two escape, Keel and Eguri notify Dr. Manhole that someone had gotten ahold of the Flame Gohei, and that they'd recruit Team Ankoku grunts to take back the Flame Gohei. When Konata and Kagami are caught and surrounded by Team Ankoku grunts, Konata transforms into Lucky Star and Kagami puts both hands on the pulse pads, causing her to transform into her alter-ego in a blue-violet leotard with long gloves and sandals. Kagami learns the different techniques from the gohei as they battle the grunts. As Dr. Manhole appears, Konata learns a technique from her Thunder Staff that transforms her into Princess Konata. As the two battle Manhole, Konata supercharges the Flame Gohei and defeats Manhole with a single blast.



Act One

  • (The lunch break begins and Kagami enters Konata's classroom.)
  • Kagami: Howdy everyone.
  • Konata: Oh, Kagami. Good thing you dropped by - I want to talk to you about something.
  • Kagami: What is it?
  • Konata: As you may remember when I fought Keel last week, I definitely became a magical girl.
  • Tsukasa: Whoa! What is that?
  • Konata: That is basically you gain a magical power to fight Team Ankoku. The transformation sequence is freakishly long and you wear a cool or beautiful outfit, as well as an amazing weapon.
  • Miyuki: That means you can kick their butts while being famous and unknown?
  • Konata: Yes you can.
  • Tsukasa: That is so cool!
  • Konata: If you remember the ball at the Lucky Star Kingdom, the Lucky Star Kingdom has lots of magical girls. Even Prince Susumu practices black magic.
  • Miyuki: I dare Kagami become a magical girl?
  • Kagami: (Kagami blushes) Are you insane!?


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