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Kagami Ochiai
Kagamiochiai idle

Kagami in her normal look.


Tokyo, Japan (1999-2015)
Nagasaki, Japan (2015 - present)




December 21, 1999 (age 16)

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  • Performing
  • Singing


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This article is about the Drillimation character. For the Lucky Star character, see Kagami Hiiragi.

Kagami Ochiai (落合カガミ Ochiai Kagami) is a character in the Drillimation Universe. She befriended Driller during her freshman year in high school, but moved out after her mother lost her job in the performing arts department.

Personality and appearance

Kagami first appeared in the Drillimation Tony turns Walmart into Poopmart/grounded as a cameo appearance along with Shira Katsumoto and Rian Katsumoto. She is nicknamed Kagami-chan (カガミちゃん) by Driller. Her physical appearance is red hair (blue in the winter) on top, green hair down her cheeks, and pink pigtails. She wears an orange sweater along with jeans and brown boots.


Kagami was originally going to have an ahoge just like Konata and Driller, but was scrapped because she said it would look completely absurd on her. Drillimation mainly focuses on driller and bishoujo characters, and Driller decided to make Kagami a bishoujo.

Life throughout the Drillimation universe

Driller befriended Kagami during his first year in high school. He had participated in two plays run by his school, with Kagami on stage and Driller playing in the orchestra. Kagami dreamed of being on Broadway, and that's why she was in school musicals. She even visited Tokyo Disneyland to perform for the world.

Appearances in the Crystal Island games

In the Drillimation tower defense game Crystal Island, Kagami is avenging King Empty Jay over her mother's death


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