Created by DS Motors


Kaworu Sakurada is suing a 13 year old/7th Grade Manga and anime drawer /// for 3 billion dollars for refusing to help him draw anime and manga!


  • /// the manga and anime drawer as the Defendant
  • Kaworu Sakurada as the suing person
  • MarioLeopoldSam as Kaworu Sakurada's lawyer
  • Adolf Hitler as the judge
  • The Nazi SS Soldiers as the guards
  • Shinji Ikari
  • Kirito Kazuto
  • Oji Karasuma
  • Igor the Otaku Mii as the Seemingly Weird Person


[We see the Nazi courthouse, Berlin, Nazi Germany]

[Cut to inside the courtroom]

Nazi SS Soldier: All rise! Judge Hitler preciding!

[Hitler arrives and takes his seat]

Hitler: What is the next case?

Nazi SS Soldier: We have case of an 13 year old girl named /// who is a manga drawer that is refusing to help Kaworu Sakurada draw anime and manga and destorying Kaworu Sakurada's life.

Hitler: Bring in the defendant!

comes in, the audience see her with a jew star of david

Hitler: So ///, you stand accused of destroying Kaworu Sakurada's anime and manga life by refusing to help him draw anime and manga! How do you plead?

///: Not guilty!

Hitler: Kaworu. Let's hear your opening statement!

[Kaworu Sakurada stands up]

Kaworu: Ladies and gentlemen of the courtroom. Today he we are here to convict this spolied brat for destroying my anime and manga life. In the first place when I could not draw anime and manga, which I still can't. I asked her nicely to help me draw anime and manga, then she refused and I took so much offense to it.

Hitler: Good job Kaworu. Now ///, where is your lawyer?

///: Um, I cannot afford a lawyer!

Hitler: Too bad! You will be defending yourself. Now lets hear your opening statement!

///: This 16 year old stalked me just because I would not help him draw anime and manga!

MarioLeopoldSam: Is this true that your friends \\\ and \\\ told my brother to "f**k off" for no fair reason?

Igor: "Sounds true for Me."

///: Um, yes. Because Kaworu kept stalking me and my anime and manga art!

Igor: "OBJECTION! You were supposed to help him!"

Hitler: So audience? Is this little girl innocent or guilty for destroying Kaworu Sakurada's anime and manga life?

Shinji: Guilty!

Kirito: Guilty!

Oji: Guilty!

Igor: "Guilty!"

MarioLeopoldSam: Guilty!

Hitler: The court is finding you guilty ///! You now have to pay 3 billion dollars!

does not have 3 billion dollars, so she gives all her money ($7,539)

[Igor Facepalms]

Hitler: That is not enough money, now Kaworu has all your money and you will be sentenced to death by hanging. Soldiers, take her away!

[Nazi SS Soldiers take /// away]

Nazi SS Soldier: May god have mercy on your soul!

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