Pearl: A unique girl who is new to the school

Kendra: The cool girl who helps Pearl with fashion

Ariana: The cool girl who helps Pearl with making friends

Michael J: The basketball team captain

Justin: Bully

Selena: The cheer leader who is dating the bully

Barack: Senior class president

Mr. Jackson: Music teacher

Mr. Darwin: Biology teacher

Mr. Washington: The Principle of the school

Mr. Jesus: School counselor

Chapter One

Location: City High School

Time: Breakfast

Pearl: Oh no. I am not sure about this new school and new city. Everybody has been here at least a month and they already know each other.

Pearl goes and sits down for breakfast.

Selena: You can sit here with us new girl

Pearl: Ok

Justin: You can't sit here with us

Justin throws Pearls food away

Pearl goes into the bathroom stall and cries until first period

Scene 2

Location: First Period Biology class.

Mr. Darwin: We have a new kid named Pearl. Say hi to her.

Class: Hi Pearl.

Pearl: Hi.

Pearl sits down in the front because nobody wants to sit in the front.

Mr. Darwin: Today we are going to learn about crocodiles.

Michael K: Pearl looks like a crocodile!!

Everybody laughs.

Pearl sits down and cries until class is over.

Scene 3

Location: Hallways

Kendra: They were being mean to you. I will be nice to you.

Pearl: Really? Thank you.

Kendra: Yes. Meet me at lunch with my friend Ariana.

Scene 4

Location: Lunch room

Kendra: This is my friend Ariana.

Ariana: Hi.

Pearl: Hi.

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