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This article is about the screwed up version of CoolGamer23. For the original character, see CoolGamer23.

Wikia Fan, how dare you watch KewlGamer Nijuusan!

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KewlGamur Nijuusan himself.

KewlGamer Nijuusan, often spelled KewlGamur, is a really screwed up and crappy version of CoolGamer23 created by Chrome. He is a cyborg known to steal stuff, lie about others, and grief Minecraft servers.


"I've never gotten fat after eating two whole pizzas in two runs, and I never eat McDonald's every day."
—CoolGamer23, expressing his opinion on him

He is the negative version of CoolGamer23. Unlike him, KewlGamur steals stuff and lies about others. Like CoolGamer23, he eats loads of pizza.

How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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