Konata's Magically Short Hair

First Aired

JP March 14, 1982
NA March 9, 1991


Hideo Yamaguchi


Hiroshi Takajima

Konata's Magically Short Hair (コナタの魔法の短い髪 Konata no Mahō no Mijikai Kami) is an episode of Magical Girl Team Lucky Star. It is the third episode of the second season of the series, and the 55th overall.


Act One

The episode starts off with Konata looking at herself in a mirror, and asks Soujirou to take her to the barber's to cut her hair short. After Konata's haircut, she takes a picture of herself and posts it on Fegelbook, when controversy triggers around Ryou Gakuen and Minecraftia High School, saying that "Konata cut her hair short". As time flies by, Konata's magic makes her hair grow back half an inch each day. That Monday following her haircut, her hair grows back to her lower body, and Kagami thinks that "she will grow her hair down to her ankles". As more time flies by, Konata's hair eventually grows back to her calves. Konata asks Soujirou to take her back to the barber's, but he could not because he couldn't afford another short trim. Despite not being able to do so, Konata thinks of another way to cut her hair short. Then Konata ties her hair in a tight bun, unlike putting her hair in front when she sleeps.

Act Two

The next day at school, the Hiiragi twins and Miyuki find out that Konata cut her hair again, but actually did not. They noticed she tied her hair in a bun, to which she posted a photo on Fegelbook two days prior. But due to Konata's Hair Regrowth ability, the bun gets larger over time, which results in Konata having to retie the bun each time. Then one day, Konata's hair grew so long, that the band that holds her bun snaps, resulting in a huge resemblance to Kanata, except her ahoge. One day at the Lucky Star Kingdom, many of Konata's friends, including her two maids, congratulated for growing her hair "down past her feet".

Lucky Channel

In Lucky Channel, Akira explains about hair length, and how Konata cut her hair short in the episode. She describes that Konata, Kagami, and Miyuki will not cut their hair short in any part of the series.


  • Ivy as Konata
  • Tween Girl as Kagami
  • Shy Girl as Tsukasa
  • Julie as Miyuki
  • Steven as Soujirou
  • Paul as Susumu
  • Princess as Akira
  • Alan as Minoru
  • Emma as Nanako
  • Bridget as Yui
  • Wiseguy as Taizo

Episode Transcript

Act One

(Konata is looking at the mirror.)

Konata: Oh my, my hair is getting too long! (Konata turns her head to the right) Dad, can you please take me to the barber's? I want my hair cut short!

(Soujirou comes in Konata's room.)

Soujirou: Konata, what do you want?

Konata: I want you to take me to the barber's because my hair's getting way too long.

Soujirou: Wait, what!?

Konata: I want my hair cut short, because of what I said.

Soujirou: OK.


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